Camps and Clinics

Beach FC offers many additional training opportunities for players of all ages and ability levels. This serves to meet the needs of every level and interest, while providing for continued development both in- and off-season.


Beach FC Goalkeeper Camp

Summer 2018 - *Skill Level - Travel, Travel Lite, Advanced, Recreation

The position of Goalkeeping requires a training environment that will recreate as many scenarios as possible that may arise in the game. The Beach FC Goalkeeping Camp is designed for goalkeepers of all levels ranging from novice goalkeepers trying it for the first time to elite goalkeepers...

Summer Sweaty Soccer

Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Travel - Advanced - Junior Academy - Recreation

Summer Sweaty Soccer:

Summer Sweaty Soccer sessions will have a warmup component focused on foot skills and then small sided games focused on technical development.  Coaches will be encouraging quick decision...


Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Travel - Advanced - Junior Academy

BEach THE DIFFERENCE (Striker/Keeper)

Formerly known as the Goalkeeper/Striker camp, BEach THE DIFFERENCE is open to all budding goalkeepers and goal scorers - the players who tend to make the...


Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Travel - Advanced - Junior Academy

Technical ability is the foundation for any accomplished soccer player. BEach ON THE BALL will ensure each player is ON THE BALL and maximizing touches. Players will work on their 1st touch, passing and overall technical speed in a positive environment. The coaching...

NESI "Puskas-Foundation" Soccer Lab

Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Travel - Advanced - Junior Academy - Recreation

Our Soccer Lab is built upon the historical, fundamental, and nowadays often mentioned technical principles of the game of soccer. Even till this day, Hungarians and more experienced Real Madrid fans...

NESI "Future Factory" (U9-U10)

Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Travel - Advanced - Recreation

During tryouts for our ‘Elite’ program, we realized that the U9 and U10 players trying out were extremely talented, however, they are just simply too young to compete with our U11 and U12 players...

NESI "Elite" Summer Training Program

Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Travel

Our “Elite” Summer Training Program is designed for the best of the best. The program is exclusive, hence, we will hold tryouts prior to the start of the program. We will concentrate on the individual...

Beach FC Day Camp

Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Advanced - Junior Academy - Recreation

This three hour camp uses developmentally appropriate games and activities to improve skills while incorporating the concepts of teamwork and cooperation. The program is designed for players of ALL...


Summer 2018 *Skill Level - Junior Academy - Recreation

This camp is specifically designed with our youngest players in mind. Players will engage in activities to help them develop familiarity with the ball, listening skills, body awareness, athletic...

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