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Beach FC is proud to acknowledge the accomplishments of all the fine players who acheived their goal of playing soccer at the college level. If you know of a Beach FC alum who played soccer in college and is not listed below, please contact us.

For more information on college planning please contact your appropriate director of coaching for guidance:

Director of Soccer, Mark Waite
Girls Director of Coaching, Karl Greaves
Boys Director of Coaching, Dave Brun

Pre 2011 Men’s Alphabetical Listing // Pre 2011 Women’s Alphabetical Listing // Alumni News

Class of 2017:


Dion van der Aar - Old Dominion University
Jared Greene - Virginia Commonwealth University
Jamison Auer - Virginia Wesleyan College
Zach Hollingsworth - University of Mary Washington
Trevor Smith - Geneva College
Bachir Niang - Virginia Military Institute

Brison Clark - Randolph Macon College
Willson Tuck - Virginia Military Institute
Cameron Harper - Christopher Newport University


Kai Sizemore - Longwood University
Alyse Stukey - St. John's University
Starland White - Brown University
Erica Ganther - Mary Washington University
Cameron Brown - Brown University
Alexzondra Mattson - Ferrum University

Onika Hammond - Virginia Military Institute
Reina Araujo - Virginia Wesleyan College
Anna Longacher - Mary Washington University
Haley Golden - Shenandoah University
Bella Bettilyon - Ferrum University
Teresa Zielinski - Shenandoah University
Gabriella Kermon - Ferrum University
Ruth Techanchuk - Southeastern University
Brittany Boyd - Frances Marion University

Class of 2016:


Shaun Brooks - Old Dominion University
Chase Quinn - Longwood University
James Gaskill - Hamilton College (NY)
Andrew Duenke - Virginia Wesleyan College
Jordan Hollins - Randolph College
Wyatt Vigilante - Ithaca College
Ray Morgan - Lynchburg College


Rea Sanger - Virginia Commonwealth University
Rosie O'Neal - Campbell University
Rebekah Valloney - Cedarville University
Logan Montel - Christopher Newport University
Sydney Rife - Christopher Newport University
Chelsea Chesney - University of the Cumberlands
Caitlin Dorsch - Lynchburg College
Kyra Ricks - Old Dominion University
Libby Hinton - Christopher Newport University
Talia Tapper - Old Dominion University
Alex Davidson - Old Dominion University
Sydney Phillips - Old Dominion University
Kayla Lentini - Ferrum University

Class of 2015:


Lee Hogge - University of South Carolina
Kaleb Underwood - Christopher Newport University
Robert Tata - Mary Washington College
Yohan DePicker -  Old Dominion University
Travis Leathrum – MIT
Ricky Perrault - Virginia Wesleyan College
Austin McKenzie - Louisburg College


Christina Bashara - Old Dominion University
Ella Bonner - NC State
Bailie Fout  - College of Charleston
Darby Moore - University of Maryland
Catherine Slater – Wofford
Sheyenne Stretz - Longwood University

Class of 2014:


Joseph DeMartino - Richmond American International University (UK)
David Johnson - Lynchburg College
Curtis Kirby - Virginia Commonwealth University
Trevor Knight - University of Mount Olive
Duncan Leathrum - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Marshal MacCartney - American University
Kendall McIntosh - Radford University
Peter Pearson - University of Virginia
Garrett Walke - Old Dominion University


Gabby Brannon - Radford University
Olivia Bethune - Campbell University
Corrine Perry - Campbell University
Kimmy Kierstiens - Christopher Newport University
Isis Wilson - Howard University
Devany Brennan - West Florida University
Amanda Brown - Bluefield University
Abigail Morgan - Rider University
Alex Askew - Longwood University
Taylor Potter - Shenandoah University
Michelle Krause - Shenandoah University 


Class of 2013:


Jack Driscoll -  West Virginia University
Brandon Eaton - Virginia Tech University
Ryan Albiston - Radford University
Joe Thames - Randolph College
Dillon Thompson - Virginia Wesleyan College


Allison Branum -  University of Mary Washington
Maddi Brown -  Lynchburg College
Olivia Camper -  College of William & Mary
Caitlyn Dodd -  Lynchburg College
Grace Haverly -  Old Dominion University
Virginia Hernandez - Virginia Wesleyan College
Caroline Hollandsworth -  Randolph Macon College
Jackie Holmes -  Virginia Wesleyan College
Nickie Ivey -  Longwood University
Melanie Oakes -  Old Dominion University
Kelley Smith -  High Point University
Jaelin White -  Howard University
Emma Halverson -  Virginia Commonwealth University
Dylan Erger -  Campbell University

Class of 2012:


Conner Brittan - Christopher Newport University
Jacob Burtch - Virginia Wesleyan College
Gregg Farr - Louisburg College
Kyle Foote - Louisburg College
Thomas Morgan - Virginia Wesleyan College
David Noel - Virginia Military Institute
Gregory Noordanus - Randolph Macon College
Zach Shaeffer - Christopher Newport University
Travis Walke - Virginia Wesleyan College
Zach Rolince - Lynchburg College
Jeffrey Bombelles - College of William & Mary
Joe Uzdavinas - Randolph College


Mikayla Plansker- UNC Wilmington
Abby Johnson - CNU
Haylea Witz - Longwood
Jessica Rodriguez - Virginia Wesleyan
Kelsey Wentworth - Frostburg
Kim Harkins - Radford
Taylor Noel - Washington Adventist
Sydnie Bligh - VMI
Courtney Kos - Salisbury Univ.
Katherine Schwalen - Randolph Macon
Ashley Anderson- Lynchburg College
Taylor Davis - Meredith College
Nicole Pratt - Shenandoah Univ.

Class of 2011:


Chris Albiston - College of William & Mary
Jonathan Bender - Longwood University
Eric Bird - University of Virginia
Hunter Byrnes - Virginia Tech
Andrew Clayton - Johns Hopkins
Kyle Gaskill - St. Bonaventure University
Neil Harrison - College of William & Mary
Andrew Hartell - Virginia Tech
Christian Luster - College of William & Mary
Jared Watson - Virginia Wesleyan College
Ike Etonyeaku - Longwood University
Raynard Storey - Howard University
Devon Fisher - Virginia Commonwealth University


Candice Shields - University of Tampa
Sam Phillips - Longwood University
Taylor Dyson - College of William & Mary
Holley Beasley - Washington and Lee
Jesse Klamut - HS All American, VA HS Player of the year 2011, Old Dominion University
Taylor Smith - Old Dominion University
Allie Segura – Virginia Military Institute
Charlie Martin - Old Dominion University
Taylor Cave - Longwood University
Hannah Carlson - University of North Carolina Charlotte
Elizabeth Affronti - Virginia Military Institute
Lexi Jones - Longwood University
Bailey Widman - West Point
Emory Camper - HS All American, VA HS Player of the year 2009, College of William & Mary
Kara Natividad - Virginia Commonwealth University

Women’s List Prior to Class of 2011

Jen Ackerman - James Madison
Elizabeth Affronti - VMI
Lindsey Asbury - Virginia Wesleyan College
Nicole Asbury - Virginia Wesleyan College
Aubrey Ashliman - Coastal Carolina
Mallorie Ashliman - Randolph Macon
Christine Aulicino - Old Dominion Univ.
Alena Baisden - Albany
Caroline Banks - Bridgewater
Jen Barr - Univ. of North Carolina- Wilmington
Diane Baucom - Old Dominion Univ.
Holly Beasley - Washington And Lee
Emily Becker - Old Dominion Univ.
Kathleen Belk - William and Mary
Amanda Berrios - VMI
Ainsley Birkner - Longwood
Tiffany Blaine - Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Kendall Bourdon - Univ. of Tampa
Genna Brand - Ohio State University (2007 National camp)
Randi Brown - Greensboro
Sam Butrym - Shennendoah
Sara Butsvage - Lynchburg
Catherine Byrd - Princeton
Amy Caddes - South Carolina
Amy Cahill - Elon
Taylor Callahan - Lynchburg College
Emory Camper - William And Mary
Hannah Carlson - UNC Charlotte
Megan Cathcart - Old Dominion Univ.
Taylor Cave - Longwood
Mimi Chandler - Southern Methodist University
Robin Chidester - Virginia Tech
Kristen Cholewa - West Virginia Univ.
Rebecca Cohn - Washington and Lee
Hayley Cook - Williams
Kristen Costello - Appalachian State
Tiffany Crane - Longwood
Anna Curfman - JMU
Erin Dagnall - Radford
Megan Deaver - James Madison
Jiselle Decker - Alabama
Abby Devnew - Old Dominion Univ.
Tori Dierson - Old Dominion University
Mckenna Dullea - Radford University
Keri Dusch - East Tennessee State
Taylor Dyson - William And Mary
Blair Eason - Virginia Tech
Becca Eggers - Salem College
Carrie Evans - William and Mary
Kristy Faison - University of Puerto Rico
Kristen Furlough - James Madison
Melissa Futrell - Old Dominion Univ.
Teresa Futrell - Methodist
Erika Globke - East Carolina
Tiffany Gloshen - North Carolina State
Anna Gravely - Longwood
Julia Green - Virginia Wesleyan
Julie Harrison - George Washington Univ.
Michelle Harrison - Old Dominion Univ.
Sally Harrison - Maryland
June Hartman - Virginia Commonwealth University
Sarah Hirst - William and Mary
Kathy Holdsworth - Virginia Tech
Lauren Hollandsworth - Indiana University
Cara Howard - Virginia Commonwealth University
Angela Hucles - All American, University of Virginia, Full National Team, 2 Olympic Gold medals and 2 World Cups
Jessica Huntington - East Tennessee State University
Torrie Jackson - Radford
Kasey Johnson - Old Dominion Univ.
Katie Johnson - HS All American, VA HS Player of the Year 1998, Wake Forest
Lexi Jones - Longwood
Desiree Kelly - University of Navada Las Vegas
Tiffany Killion - James Madison
Kristine Kingsbury - Coastal Carolina
Jessie Klamut - Old Dominion University
Jodi Knoroski - Old Dominion University
Ashley Kukura - Old Dominion University
Erin Lambert - Univ. of North Carolina- Wilmington
Janie Learned - Air Force Academy
Jen Leonard - East Carolina
Colleen Looney - Gettysburg
Sabrina Lukasik - North Carolina State University
Vicky Mahoney - Roanoke College
Kelli Markham - Roanoke College
Charley Martin - Old Dominion University
Megan Masch - East Tenn. State Univ.
Miranda Mason - Mary Washington
Lydia McBath - North Carolina State
Becca McLain - Old Dominion Univ.
Ashley Meeker - Youth National team, University of Virginia
Brittany Michels - VA Tech
Ashley Miller - Roanoke College
Nicole Moore - Youth National Team, University of Central Florida
Mary Morgan - UVA
Kelly Morrison - VMI
Kara Natividad - Virginia Commonwealth university
Chichi Nweke - University of Illinois
Katie O’Bryan - East Tennessee State
Beth O’Connor - Elon
Colby Owen - Old Dominion Univ.
Stephanie Parenteau - Roanoke College
Elizabeth Payne - Elon University
Michelle Perischina - Lenoir Rhyne
Samantha Phillips - Longwood
Meg Pittman - Univ. of Pennsylvania
Mary Platz - William and Mary
Shannon Poach - Virginia Tech
Lauren Rafal - Old Dominion Univ.
Libby Randolph - Denison University
Whitney Raunswinter - Longwood
Tara Refo - Naval Academy
Tiffany Rice - Longwood
Caitlin Roan - Radford University
Katie Roman - George Washington
Megan Ryan - Bridgewater
Megan Sadler - North Carolina State
Brenna Santoro - Old Dominion Univ.
Kim Sawyer - Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County
Jasyn Sayre - James Madison
Allie Segura - VMI
Kelsey Seretis - Queens College
Amy Sherrill - Longwood
Candice Shields - University of Tampa
Ashley Shoaf - Palm Beach Atlantic University
Megan Simeone - UNC Wilmington
Kelly Sisley - Brevard College
Taylor Smith - Old Dominion University
Natalie Stallings - All American, University of Richmond
Jenna Starkey - Virginia Wesleyan College
Elyse Surbaugh - Charleston University
Amanda Swaider - San Diego State Univ.
Kirby Talbert - Shennendoah
Peyton Tata - Dartmouth College
Kelsey Thomas - UNC Wilmington
Johannah Thompson - Old Dominion Univ.
Jenny Tonneson - Darthmouth
Chika Umejai - Old Dominion University
Lindsey Vanderspiegel - Youth National Team, All American, William and Mary
Jamie Varela - Old Dominion Univ.
Jessica Voigt - University of South Carolina Upstate
Chelsea Walck - Radford
Amelia Wallace - Francis Marion
Laura Walsh - Air Force Academy
Caitlin Weaver - Virginia Tech
Erika Webb - William and Mary
Chelsea Webb - Radford University
Carrie Williams - Coastal Carolina
Kelsey Williams - Old Dominion University
Avery Willis - William And Mary
Sarah Willis - Old Dominion Univ.
Katie Wilson - Virginia Tech
Alanna Winsper - Elon University
Katy Winsper - College of William and Mary
Liza Woodward - HS All American, VA HS Player of the year 2006
Leeanna Woodworth - Gardner- Webb
Katie Young - Longwood
Carey Young - Naval Academy


Men’s List Prior to Class of 2011

Kevin Aldridge - DI - VMI
Bailey Allman - DI - VA TECH
Corey Ashe - DI - University of North Carolina - US National Team Player
Wade Barrett - DI - College of William and Mary - US National Team Player
Andrew Blackmore - DI - ECU
Joe Buckholz - DIII - Ripon College - US National Team Player
Carter Burgess - DI - University of Virginia - US National Team Player
Chris Burgess - DI - William and Mary
Martin Burwell - DI - University of Massachusetts
Adam Christman - US National Team Player
Chris Curtis - DI - VMI
T.J. Cyrus - DI - University of Virginia - US National Team Player
Dorshon Deans - DI - Butler
Chad Denton - DI - ODU
Brian Douglas - DI - VMI
Sean Flatley - DI - University of Maryland
Ryan Gillespie - DI - WVU
Matt Greene - DI - U of Richmond
Anthony Han - DI - St. Johns
Jeremy Harris - DI - William and Mary
Kyle Hartley - DI - ODU
Josh Hill - USL - Virginia Beach
Dustin Hoffman - USL - Hampton Roads
Ian Holder - DI - UVA
Tom Hron -
D3 - VWC -1st Team All  Conference and 1st Team All Region (South)
Beau Hubbard - DI - VA TECH
Phil Hucles - MSL Draftee - Chicago
Steve Jolley - DI - College of William and Mary - US National Team Player
Alex Kee - USL - Hampton Roads
Andy Kee - DI - Clemson
Willie Kee - DI - Radford
Colin Kibler - DI - VA TECH
Kevin Knott - College of William and Mary - US National Team Player
Sonny Landry - DI - VMI
Jason Louizo - DI - ODU
Frank Marsh - DI - ECU
Braedon McPherson - DI - ODU
Chris Mein - DI - UVA
Byron Mitchell - USLI - Atlanta and Hampton Roads
Greg Monaco - DI - UVA (incoming)
Dylan Montambo - DI - ODU
Kelvin Murray - D3 - VWC 2 time 1st Team All American
Evan Newton - Old Dominion University - US National Team Player
Luke Nightengale - England - Swindon
Charles Nweke - USL2 - Wilmington
Tony Nweke - DI - VMI
Aaron O’Neal - DI - Boston U
Ryan Oakes - DI - Old Dominion University
Billy Owens - USL - Hampton Roads
Noah Palmer - DI - University of Maryland - US National Team Player
Eddie Parry - DI - College of William and Mary
Matt Pauls - DI - VCU
Billy Peterson - DI - UVA
Reid Peterson - D3 - Virginia Wesleyan College
Billy Platz - USL - Wilmington
Jeremy Polenzitz - DI - Naval Academy
John Pratt - DI - ODU
Marcus Reed - DI - VA TECH
Ryan Rich - DI - Princeton
Kolby Runager - DI - South Carolina
Adam Schultz - DI - College of William and Mary - US National Team Player
John Spear - DI - Air Force
Andrew Stolle - DI - Drexel
Gordon Templeman - DI - American
Brannon Thomas - DI - William and Mary
Parker Thurman - DI - VMI
Chris Tinsley - DI - ODU
Jeff Vargas - DI - Pitt
Andrew Walker - USL2 - Wilmington
Andy Walker - USL - Hampton Roads
Wes Ward - DI - VCU
Chris Wayne - DI - William and Mary
Brian Wells - DI - U of Louisville
Greg Wells - DI - U of Louisville
Pat Werner - DI - Delaware
Matt Whalen - DI - VA TECH
Brian White - D3 - Roanoke College
Matt Whiteley - DI - Southern Methodist University - US National Team Player
Robbie Wright - DI - UVA
Danny Zigafoose - DI - William and Mary



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