Futsal 5ives League

2014-2015 Winter Season

Beach FC Player Registration Instructions for Futsal 5ives

  1. Check your team assignment here - Beach FC Team Rosters.pdf  Note how many players are on the roster.
  2. Please choose one of the following payment methods for your Futsal 5ives league fees:
    • Online Payment:  Find your team name in the list below and pay online using the appropriate link (Note player name in Description field when making payment).
    • Mail-in-Check:  Find your team name in the list below.  Payment Tiers:  6-7 Player Rosters pay $85, 8 Player Rosters pay $75.  Mail a check payable to Beach FC to Futsal 5ives, c/o Beach FC, 3200 Dam Neck Road, Suite 104, Virginia Beach, VA  23453  (Note player name in memo line of check).
  3. Once the league administrator has added your player to their designated roster in the Futsal 5ives system you will receive email confirmation from Futsal 5ives that they have been assigned to a team.  This email will contain a link to the US Youth Futsal (USYF) site so you can complete the player's online USYF registration and pay their $9.50 annual fee.  This step is mandatory...we cannot allow anyone to play in the league without a current USYF card.   Important Note:  During the USYF registration you will see a futsal ball and t-shirt available for purchase…you will have the opportunity to purchase the same ball and a league logo t-shirt through Futsal 5ives at a substantial discount.

Once we have identified a Parent Supervisor for each team, they will be responsible for communicating league schedules and/or additional registration requirements.  If you are interested in the position please contact Mark Waite at mwaite@beachfc.com as soon as possible.  

If you have questions regarding registration or payment please address them to Lisa Hill at admin@beachfc.com.

Click Button to Make Online Payment

Click Button to Make Online Payment

U9G Copa Mundial
U9G Samba
U9G Trefoil
U11G Copa Mundial
U11G Samba
U12G Copa Mundial
U12G Samba
U12G Trefoil
U13G Copa Mundial
U13G Samba
U9B Adizero
U9B Nitrocharge
U10B Adipure
U10B Adizero
U10B Condivo
U10B Predator
U10B Samba
U11B Adipure
U11B Adizero
U11B Condivo
U11B Tiro
U12B Adipure
U12B Adizero
U12B Condivo
U12B Nitrocharge
U12B Predator
U12B Tiro
U13B Adipure
U13B Adizero
U14B Adizero
U14B Predator
U10G Estro
U11G Trefoil
U12G Estro
U13G Estro
U13G Trefoil
U14G Copa Mundial
U14G Estro
U11B Nitrocharge
U11B Predator
U13B Condivo
U13B Predator
U14B Adipure
U14/15B Condivo
U14/15B Nitrocharge
U14/15B Tiro

"In futsal you need to think quick and play quick so it’s easier for you when you move to normal football (outdoor soccer)." - Pele

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