April 2014

4/30/2014 (5:03pm)
Subj:  Jr Academy Training Cancelled

[U7 & U8] Training Tonight has been cancelled. The national weather service has called for severe weather and I don't want to have everyone drive out to the pitch just to cancel. Please help spread the word. Thanks!

Gregg Mottinger

Subj: U6 Training Cancelled- U7-U8s moved to turf at 6:30 

Families of the JRA,

Unfortunately the complex has closed the grass fields tonight so U6 training has been cancelled. We were able to secure turf time for the U7-U8s tonight from 6:30-7:30 so they will still train on field 6 at HRSC starting at 6:30.

We are doing everything we can to get these sessions in despite the terrible weather. I will monitor the weather and will get word out as soon as I can if thunderstorms roll in tonight. I know Friday we had a similar situation and I hope to get our session in tonight. Please check your email before leaving for training.

Thanks for working with us and let me know if you have any questions.


Gregg Mottinger


Subj:  Informational Meeting & Tryouts

Families of the JRA,

What a gorgeous day for games yesterday! The players are really starting to keep their shape on the field and connect passes. It's fantastic to see. The comfort level on the ball is phenomenal and I can't be more impressed with the overall development of all our players.

We only have two weeks left in our season. Next week is our make up week for sessions missed and lets hope the weather cooperates.

This Saturday May 3rd our Boys Director of Coaching will be talking to all our boys and girls players making the move from to the U9 Jr. Academy. This will be a great informational discussion about the changes to expect as our players transition into U9s. Please plan on sticking around right after the U8 games this Saturday around 12:05. We will meet in the middle of the fields.

Reminder that all our current U6-U8 players need to register for tryouts. Our U6-U8 tryouts are scheduled for 5/16 and 5/23. Registration link is /_files/tryouts/index_E.html

As always let me know if you have any questions!

Gregg Mottinger

Subj:  Weather Update

Please check your email before leaving tonight. As of now we are on. I will be monitoring the weather and will email you if we have to cancel.

Subj:  Game Day and Tryout Information

Families of the JRA,

Just a reminder that we have our games on Sunday this week. Picture Day is also this Sunday and will take place anytime one hour before the kickoff of your games. 9:00 on for U6s, and 10:00 for U7-U8s. If you dont plan on taking pictures, you can show up at the regularly scheduled game time.

Everyone should be in their Yellow jerseys.

Reminder everyone needs to register for tryouts to secure their spot for the fall season. The link for registration is: /_files/JuniorAcademy/Tryouts-PlayerID/index_E.html

Also our summer camp schedule is posted online and registration is open! We have three separate Jr. Academy camps this summer and these are great programs to get you ready for our falls season! The link is: /_files/Camps/summerprograms/index_E.html

Let me know if you have any questions!

Gregg Mottinger

Subj:  Jr. Academy Games this Sunday and Picture Day

Families of the JRA,

Just a reminder our games are being moved from Saturday April 26th to Sunday April 27th this week because Virgina Beach Public Schools has school Saturday. Also, we will have our individual pictures this Sunday as well. Pictures will start at 9:00am for U6s and 10:00am for U7-U8s. Games will be at the normal times. You can come anytime an hour before your games to take pictures. I have prepaid envelopes I will hand out this week if you're interested or you can get them on Sunday. Thanks!

Gregg Mottinger


Subj:  Jr. Academy Week 9-Player ID Day & Summer Camps

Families of the JRA,

I really appreciate all the brave parents and players who didn't let the rain slow them down this past Saturday! U6s had fantastic numbers and are really getting so much more comfortable with the ball at their feet. I was impressed with our U7-U8s adapting to mixing boys and girls as well as age groups to increase the competition and create new challenges. Looking forward to some great weather this week!

Our 2014 summer camp schedule is out and provides some great opportunities to continue to develop our players skills over the summer months. I can't stress how important it is for our players to keep playing the game and touching the ball as frequently as possible. We continue to try and offer year round soccer with the implementation of our winter and summer programs. This gives our players the platform to get as many touches on the ball as they want and continue to grow as players. The Jr. Academy summer camp schedule is posted and registration is open! We offer three separate weeks of camps so I hope to see everyone out as we prepare for our fall season. The registration link is: /_files/Camps/summerprograms/index_E.html

All U7-U8 parents, I will be doing my weekly coaches talk around 6:45 this week during training Wednesday. I will be discussing our player ID day and the upcoming fall season.

All our U6 parents, we will also meet this Wednesday after training at 5:50 to discuss the transition into U7.

Everyone must register for our player ID day if you plan on playing in the fall. Our two player ID dates are May 16th and May 23rd. The ID day is just like a tryout. We will play for an hour straight and all our staff coaches will be on the fields evaluating players to ensure the Academy is the right fit. This also gives players not in our program a chance to be evaluated with our players. Please register early to reserve your spot. The link is: /_files/JuniorAcademy/Tryouts-PlayerID/index_E.html

As always, let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoyed your spring break and I look forward to seeing everyone this week!


Gregg Mottinger


Subj:  Junior Academy Games Still ON

Dear Junior Academy Families - I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that games are still ON today.  The fields are ok, but it will be a little rainy out so please dress appropriately.  

As a reminder - everyone should wear their BLACK jerseys today.  


Coach Gregg

Subj:  JRA Week 8

Families of the JRA,

I hope those of you on spring break are enjoying your time off! We were able to secure Turf Field #8 tonight for training so our U6-U8s will train tonight at our normal times at HRSC. The grass fields should be dry by Friday for our U7-U8 training as well. Our games are back to there normal start times this weekend at Virginia Wesleyan. U6s start at 10:00am and U7-U8s start at 11:00.

It's going to be windy tonight so please dress warm.  I look forward to seeing everyone this week!  

Let me know if you have any questions.

Gregg Mottinger
Jr. Academy Director

Subj:  Training and Games

Families of the JRA,

Just a reminder the U7-U8s are training at HRSC tonight. 6:00.  Also, tomorrows games are starting later. U6s start at 1:00 and U7-U8s start at 2:00. Everyone should be in their yellow jerseys.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Gregg Mottinger


Families of the JRA,

Due to standing water at HRSC, we have moved tonight’s training session to Redwing Park. Sorry for the late notice, but we had to wait for confirmation from the city that we could use the park. Please help spread the word to be sure everyone gets the message. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility as we try to get all our training sessions in. See you tonight!

Gregg Mottinger

Subj:  Jr. Academy Week 7 & Important Updates

Jr. Academy Parents,

We had another tremendous Game Day this past Saturday and the energy on the fields and on the sidelines was fantastic. The coaches introduced playing shape for our U7-U8s this weekend and the response was great. Players playing 3v3 were encouraged to play in a triangle, and players playing 4v4 played in a diamond shape. The goal is to have all our players rotate through the various components of their shape throughout the game to keep spacing and passing lanes open. We were thoroughly impressed with all the skill and technique being demonstrated and I look forward to watching our players continue to develop!

We have set 3 of our make up dates for the 4 sessions we have missed. U6-U8 will train on Wednesday May 7th at our normal times. U7-U8s only will train on Friday May 9th, normal time. Our missed Game Day will be made up Saturday May 10th, normal times. All the sessions will be at HRSC and the games at Virginia Wesleyan. The other Friday session will be made up on a Monday or Tuesday TBD.

This Saturday April 12th our games will be pushed back to the afternoon to accommodate Virginia Wesleyan's Alumni Soccer Game being held in the morning on the same fields we have our games on. Our U6s will kick off at 1:00pm and our U7-U8s will kick off at 2:00pm. Please come out to the fields early and watch the alumni games if you have the time. Its always a good game. We will be in our Yellow Jerseys.

Just a reminder we will train on our normal days and times next week during spring break.

Every Wednesday around 6:45 I will continue my coaches talk for all the U7-U8 parents. I will be discussing next fall and our Player ID coming up at the end of May. Along with our sessions for the week. Please come by!

Continue to urge our players to practice their juggling and skill moves! As always let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you Wednesday.

Gregg Mottinger

Subj:  Black Jerseys Today

Just a reminder we are in our black jerseys today. Thanks!

Gregg Mottinger

Subj:  Beach FC Junior Academy and Travel Tryout Registrations are Open!

Dear Beach FC members,

Beach FC is pleased to announce that the 2014-2015 Travel and Junior Academy tryout registration links are now Live.  Please click the link below and it will navigate you to our Tryout Registration Overview page where you can view schedules and complete the registration process.  All returning players and any new players MUST be registered in the system prior to the the tryout date.

Beach FC Tryout Overview Page  - /_files/tryouts/index_E.html

Have a great day!

Beach FC

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