The Bridge between Recreation and Travel

The Beach FC Junior Academy is an instructional program dedicated to talented and enthusiastic young players. The mission of the Beach FC Junior Academy program is to create an environment of individual player development from the most important early ages (from 5 to 10). The Junior Academy serves as a direct bridge from the Recreation program to the competitive Travel Program for those players that desire a higher level of coaching and training and show a passion for the game of soccer. Plan on signing up quickly because space is limited, and we expect this program to be in high demand.

In the Academy program, the players of a certain age group all train together at a centralized location in player “pools” rather than beingassigned strictly to a particular team. The entire age group within the Junior Academy is the player’s “team.” During games, or “play-days,” all players from a particular age group come to the field at the same time, players are sorted into groups, and all players play 100% of the time.  The main idea is no organized league play and a non-results-oriented focus. Small-sided games will continue to be the game of choice for maximum playing efficiency.

The Junior Academy program is open to all players from U6-U10 and is divided into three tiers. Within each tier, the players are encouraged to reach for the next successive tier higher within the Club.
  • Tier I = U4-U6 Junior Academy Players: There will be no tryouts for Tier I players – registration is open to all interested players. The program will consist of one training session per week and one academy-style play day per week.  Fees
  • Tier II = U7/U8 Junior Academy Players: The U7/U8 years will be the first years of identification for the program. Although there is no formal tryout, players will be evaluated during training sessions to verify that they have a high level of commitment, focus, and passion for the game. The evaluation will ensure a higher level of competition. The program will consist of two training sessions per week.  Fees 
  • Tier III = U9/U10 Junior Academy Players: The U9/U10 years will build off the U7/U8 program. Continued identificaiton will serve as an evaluation to select those players with a consistently high level of commitment, focus, and passion for the game. The U9/U10 program will consist of two training sessions per week, one Technical Training session per week, and one game per week. The U9/U10 program will be the first years of semi-organized play, as teams will continue to train as part of a larger pool, but games will take place in organized teams (U9’s play in the advanced league TASL, U10’s play in the travel league VSLI).  After the U10 year, players graduate from the Junior Academy and tryout for the full Travel level with Beach FC.  Fees


Junior Academy Philosophy

The Beach FC Junior Academy philosophy for success is based upon the following:
  • Environment that is fun and instills a love of the game (intrinsic motivation).
  • Environment that encourages risk-taking and creativity both in practice and in games.
  • Environment that places individual players, not teams, central to all decision-making regarding training and competition.
  • Environment where young players are exposed to a game that emphasizes skill development over team development.
  • Development predicated on playing possession soccer, which requires highly technical skills.
  • Development of complete soccer players that understand the game and all positions, possess technical skill, and work hard.
  • Maximizing development by placing together the best and/or most committed players.
  • Ensuring flexibility in game format so that learning takes precedence over game management and administration.
  • Coaching through age appropriate demonstrations and activities versus drills to train technique as well as decision-making.
  • Focusing on teaching correct technique – dribbling, ball control, passing, shooting, juggling, etc.
  • Utilizing guided discovery teaching methods versus the command style, giving the game back to the kids and enhancing their problem solving abilities.
  • Coaching through positive, constructive, brief, specific feedback.
  • Utilizing Directors of Youth Development that govern all training for the U6-U10 Junior Academy, set seasonal and program curriculums, and oversee all player development in these vital ages. Ensuring a consistent long term development plan.
  • Qualified, licensed, experienced staff coaches using a long term development plan and curriculum.
  • Success is determined by learning and fun – not by scores and standings.
  • Attracting families that look at the big picture, and will not leave the club as their kids improve. Finding the right fit.


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U9 & U10 Academy Tryout Registration

Virginia Beach 2017-2018

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The Beach FC Junior Academy is a program designed to serve as a bridge from the Club’s Recreation program to the more competitive Travel program. Players will...

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