Junior Academy Philosophy

The Beach FC Junior Academy philosophy for success is based upon the following:
  • Environment that is fun and instills a love of the game (intrinsic motivation).
  • Environment that encourages risk-taking and creativity both in practice and in games.
  • Environment that places individual players, not teams, central to all decision-making regarding training and competition.
  • Environment where young players are exposed to a game that emphasizes skill development over team development.
  • Development predicated on playing possession soccer, which requires highly technical skills.
  • Development of complete soccer players that understand the game and all positions, possess technical skill, and work hard.
  • Maximizing development by placing together the best and/or most committed players.
  • Ensuring flexibility in game format so that learning takes precedence over game management and administration.
  • Coaching through age appropriate demonstrations and activities versus drills to train technique as well as decision-making.
  • Focusing on teaching correct technique – dribbling, ball control, passing, shooting, juggling, etc.
  • Utilizing guided discovery teaching methods versus the command style, giving the game back to the kids and enhancing their problem solving abilities.
  • Coaching through positive, constructive, brief, specific feedback.
  • Utilizing Directors of Youth Development that govern all training for the U6-U10 Junior Academy, set seasonal and program curriculums, and oversee all player development in these vital ages. Ensuring a consistent long term development plan.
  • Qualified, licensed, experienced staff coaches using a long term development plan and curriculum.
  • Success is determined by learning and fun – not by scores and standings.
  • Attracting families that look at the big picture, and will not leave the club as their kids improve. Finding the right fit.


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