Travel Program Overview

The Travel Program offers a competitive training and match environment for players between the ages of 8 and 19 who meet minimum standards set forth by our Directors of Coaching (DOC’s) and Coaching Staff. As this is the highest level of play that the club offers, players who are willing to commit a significant amount of time and energy to the program are selected through an annual tryout process and placed accordingly. Typically Beach FC fields two teams per agegroup above U13 and will allow a maximum of three or four teams to be formed between U10-U13. This is done in order to properly develop players to prepare them for full-sided 11v11 soccer at the older agegroups.

Travel teams play in one of two leagues, the Club Champions League (CCL) and the Virginia Soccer League (VSL). As a CCL club, Beach FC must field one competitive team in every agegroup from U11-U18 and travel throughout VA/MD to play league games. The remainder of teams that don’t play in the CCL play in the VSL, which has a number of levels (or divisions) and works on a “promotion/relegation” system according to results from season to season (after U11). Travel throughout much of the state may also be required in the VSL, depending on agegroup and bracket each season. For more information on the leagues that Beach FC teams compete in, please visit, and

Player development is paramount to the mission of our club. At the travel level, this is accomplished through utilizing a professional staff organized by full time Directors of Coaching. Our staff’s primary focus is to develop our players in order to reach their maximum individual potential by working within a team structure. The team structure fosters teamwork, leadership, collective problem solving, accountability, and a competitive focus. This is accomplished through the training environment that is created. The DOC’s carry out the club philosophy by establishing age appropriate curriculums or guidelines and by hiring top quality coaches that will regularly impact the players in the club. Beach FC prides itself on retaining the highest quality coaches in the area. Our coaches are required to hold State Level Licenses and many progress to National Level Licenses. Beach FC also employs coaches who have played both professionally and collegiately. The combination of high level playing experience and mandated coaching education is a great asset to the club that helps carry out our mission. There is not a club in the area whose staff can compare to the playing experience that our coaches possess.

Since our inception in 1982, our goal has been to encourage our youth to develop a love of soccer that results in active, life-long participation in the sport by providing a competitive training and match environment. We seek to provide this environment to players throughout their club soccer experience so as they grow as adults, they may continue to participate as players. Although not all players will progress to play college soccer, the program is designed to help each player in the club reach his/her full potential upon exiting the program. This means that players will develop not only the technical ability to be successful, but also intangible traits such as character, integrity, leadership, teamwork, the ability to compete under pressure, and a lifelong love of soccer that will hopefully lead to future participation in order to help develop the sport in our city, state, region, and country.

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