Volunteer Risk Management Policy

Beach FC is required by the Virginia Youth Soccer Association to conduct background checks for all volunteers, whether you are new or returning, coach, manager, referee, or general volunteer.

Kidsafe is a risk management program designed to foster safe circumstances for every person, and especially every child, who participates in a US Youth Soccer affiliated activity. It is a program intended to bring awareness to all VYSA personnel and VYSA members concerning possible risks associated with our youth soccer programs. This form or electronic equivalent will be kept in absolute confidentiality by VYSA or each of its respective members and will be updated annually.

For more information on the VYSA Kidsafe Policy click here.

Beach FC Risk Management Registration

Risk Management/Kidsafe Program

Virginia Youth Soccer Association's KidSafe/Risk Managment policy requires all Team Officials (coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, team aides), general volunteers, and Tournament staff/volunteers to undergo a background check.  Please click the Register Now! button to create or access your Blue Sombrero Account and choose Volunteer Registration to complete the Risk Management questionnaire.  

We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  One of our most pressing needs is for Game Day Crew members at our Recreation fields on league game days.  If you have questions about volunteering please email us today for more information.

Recreation Game Day Crew Set Up and Take Down Responsibilities
First Shift
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Second Shift
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Unload club trailer
  • Set out corner flags
  • Put up field signs
  • Set out trash cans
  • Put out parking cones
  • Give field directions
  • Answer basic questions
  • Give field directions
  • Answer basic questions
  • Pick up parking cones
  • Pick up trash cans
  • Pick up field signs
  • Pick up corner flags
  • Load club trailer

VYSA Roster Travel Team Official Registration

Risk Management/Kidsafe Program

In compliance with the VYSA KidSafe Risk Management Policy, all Travel Team Officials (Coaches, Asst. Coaches, Team Managers) must complete a KidSafe questionnaire prior to team registration each year.  Click the Register Now! button to access the KidSafe form.

VYSA requires that background checks be performed on all VYSA personnel and personnel of VYSA members.  Individuals will be permitted to begin participation in VYSA activities pending completion of a satisfactory background check. Failure to complete the KidSafe Disclosure Statement and Release form shall disqualify the individual from participating in any VYSA activity and any activity of a VYSA member.

Questions or concerns regarding the Travel Team Official Registration should be directed to admin@beachfc.com.

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